Thursday, December 13, 2012

It'll be better

If everyone is pleased with you but Allah is not ,
then what have you gained ?
And if Allah is pleased with you but no one else is ,
then what have you lost ?
[Imam Ahmad bin Hambal]

The scholar/knowledgeable one should have good deeds

stored in secret between him and Allah the Most High .
Indeed , all the manifest of knowledge or deeds to the people 
will be of little benefit in the hereafter .[Imam As-Syafi'e]

Being born as a Muslim doesn't make you a better person .

It's not how you start the race but it's how you end it .
[Imam Siraj Wahaj]

When you remember Allah , 

clouds of worry and fearare driven away ,
and the mountains that make up your problemsare blown away .
[Dr. 'Aidh 'Abdullah al-Qarni]

Allah does not judge you on how have been in the past ,

but rather on how good you strive to be now .
[Yasir Qadri]


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